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There's billions of dollars in lost and unclaimed super. Is some of it yours? 

A dark mahogany office

Checking in on paper statements once a quarter

A financial adviser in a stuffy old suit

This is what most people imagine, when they think about wealth management.

Yeah… We’re not about that!

At Limetree, we’re not about your parent’s financial services products. We uncover fresh solutions and use disruptive tools & technologies to help you excel in your financial planning choices – for right now, and in the future, too.

Our focus is on working with young professionals and new families who understand the importance of laying down solid foundations early so that you can take full advantage of this hard work later in life. We know that you’re clever but time poor – so we’re here to help shape your financial journey. 

From our Adelaide base, we work with clients from all over Australia, working through the best tailored solutions for your unique situation. We care about our clients and get a buzz out of finding the optimal financial solutions for each and every one of you. We love to work hard, and have fun while we do it!


Is it time to start your journey to your best financial landscape? We’re ready if you are!


Let us introduce you to XERO Cashbook.

Are you living pay to pay and always stressing about upcoming bills? Struggling to save for your next overseas trip or big purchase?

Work your personal finances like a business.

Your personal life and family is always going to be worth more than any business ever will be. Which is why clever financial management and reporting needs to happen at home, too - and not just in the office. 

The Xero Cashbook system lets you budget like a pro, easily manage your money and see your personal finances in a fun new way. Login anytime, anywhere, from any device to get a real-time view of your cash flow, control and track spending and a whole lot more.

Cash Flow Management (Budgeting)


Forget Excel! Managing your day to day expenses has never been easier with a budgeting program that actually works.



Investment Advice


Put your money to work! Once you’ve started a savings plan, you can grow that little seedling into a tree by investing.



Don’t gamble on your health and assets. Make sure you’re getting the right advice and policy to suit your insurance situation.


Financial planning, at its roots, is all about goal setting and management. Knowing what goals to set, the clever moves to make, what is achievable, and how to manage the process is where we fit into the picture. 

As your financial planners, we work transparently, and seek to empower you with the tools you need to succeed.

Often our services are engaged in a time of financial pressure and stress.  Just know, that no matter what the issue is, we are only one call away.

We specialize in helping you with:


Protect your family, your home and your world with personal insurance.

Track how your super is travelling with our Superannuation Calculator... 


Retirement Planning


What do you want in life when you’re 65? Is it achievable? The sooner you plan your retirement, the greater the reward.



Get sound future-proofing for when you are ready to retire – and avoid living on a baked bean diet in your later years.

Aged Care Advice


Take the stress out of aged care assessments – we help you plan ahead, reduce costs and make the most of Government entitlements.

Manage your personal finances on the go! 


Okay, you’re young, fit and healthy, so why would you bother right? 

Sure, you may be young and healthy - totally invincible right now - but life is full of surprises. Though we can avoid risky situations, it’s impossible to know what the future holds, and no matter how hard we try we can’t stop the ageing process.


While it’s not pleasant to think about, each and every one of our experiences on this planet is finite. If your family relies on you financially, to lose you would not only be devastating for them emotionally, but it would be devastating fiscally, too. 

Having life insurance in place can help alleviate financial stress and allows you to focus more on what’s important!  No matter what life stage you are at, you wouldn’t want your family to be left short at such a difficult time.

So let’s see how much quality life insurance costs - you might be pleasantly surprised….

Determine how much cover you may need... 

We are Brad and Hamish. Experienced financial advisers with moxie, we’re all about helping you make your best fiscal decisions. 

As both of us are fathers to young families, we understand the different obstacles that life can throw at you, and the importance of establishing a solid financial foundation for the future.

We take a personal approach with our clients which means open discussion and access to all useful wealth planning information, alongside feedback and guidance - even when the news may not be what you want to hear.

Our credentials include membership with the leading industry associations, the FPA and AFA, and we have both committed to the highest level of professional standards and code of ethics.

Helping others to get their finances on track – and excelling with them! – is what really makes us tick.


Brad McDonald



Hamish Edwards


Dip FP

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When it comes to investing, knowledge is key.   

Market Update

July 2019

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) responded to its labour market concerns and market pricing by cutting rates by 0.25% in early June. This confirmed market expectations that saw bonds be bid up and yields fall.

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We specialize in providing advice for young professionals and new families.

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